Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seitan Stir Fry

Day 2 was stir-fry. We eat a lot of stir fry anyway because it's cheap, easy and nutritious. You can season it differently to get a variety of flavors. We could have just done vegetable story fry but I wanted to experiment a little.

Seitan is a vegetarian protein made from wheat gluten. It has a firmer texture than tofu, giving it a more "meat-like" texture. It also, like tofu, has no flavor of its own.

I started with noodles (you could also use brown rice) and cooked them as usual. In a small fry pan I added a little oil, the seitan, and a little lemon juice.

In a larger fry pan I cooked the frozen stir fry vegetables. When the veggies were almost finished I added some stir - fry sauce. Once the noodles were done, so was just about everything else. I scooped some noodles and vegetables into a bowl and topped with a few pieces of seitan and Ta-Da!

The seitan wasn't terrible I would probably do it again. The thing that caught us off guard was that it looked just like chicken, but it had a texture very unlike chicken so you think you are eating gross chicken. But if you keep in your mind that it is wheat gluten, all is well. It didn't taste bad, in fact it just tasted like stir fry sauce. The texture is something I'd need to get used to, though.


  1. Store bought seitan in a package can be pretty weird, there are ways to make your own that give you a better product and I know up in MN they sell pre-seasoned seitan that is just fantastic; all fabulous seitan options!

  2. That sounds awesome! I haven't seen any pre-seasoned around here but I did find some easy recipes we'll have to try.