Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Welcome to both of us! I am Meg. I recently quit my job as a hairdresser to go back to school full time; and to keep my husband from complaining about the fact that I work "all the time." I got married last year to a navy submariner and when he's home it's great. When he's not home I hang out with our very loyal but very hyper soft-coated wheaten terrier named Oswald. I love nutrition and cooking but I don't necessarily want to be a nutritionist or a cook, so I am here to write about it. Sometimes I drive my husband crazy about what he's eating and its nutritional content (or lack thereof) and when I started cooking for him I had to wait until after he had finished the meal before I disclosed what it contained; tofu, eggplant, mashed cauliflower, etc. Every day is an adventure and I'm hoping to share - and learn - some of it with everyone.

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